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Whatever you’re grateful for, nothing says thank you better than a box of chocolates. At Vanilla Reindeer, we wanted to be able to say thanks with chocolate, but with an added extra personal touch. That’s why we created our range of personalised thank you chocolates – they’re not just delicious, but thoughtful too.

Better yet, the chocolate boxes are so easy to make. Choose a size, then a design, and head over to our product editor. Add a personalised message and choose how many photos you would like to go on the box. Now, it’s time for you to find the perfect pictures. This is where you get to express yourself and share some cherished memories with your loved one. Maybe you have some photos that you love looking back on, or some embarrassing pics that they thought were long forgotten. The choice is completely yours. When you’re finished, we’ll get to work and make it, and then we’ll send it to you at home.

Whatever you’re grateful for, say it with love and chocolate. Our personalised thank you chocolates are the best way to show gratitude. They’re fun to make, and even more fun to eat. We have customisable products for all occasions, from Easter to Halloween to the big milestones in your life like getting a new job or getting engaged. Browse our website today for some fantastic, unique gifts, and personalised packaging.