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Every now and then, we need a rub of the green. Whether it’s for an exam, a driving test or a new adventure, it always comes in handy. Well, you can send someone some good fortune with our good luck chocolates. They’re delicious, thoughtful, and better yet, the box is totally customisable.

Pick your favourite design and size of chocolate box. There are three sizes of box to choose from. We don’t know if there’s a link between how many chocolates you give and how much luck they’ll receive, but we’ll leave that up to you to find out!  Once you’ve chosen your chocolates, it’s time to customise.

It’s really easy to personalise our good luck chocolates. You choose how many photos are going on the box and you can even add some personalised text. Leave a heartfelt message, crack a joke, or even write a short poem – the choice is totally yours. Upload some photos into the editor to go onto the box, play around with them, and be creative. You can make them laugh; you can make them cry - it’s totally up to you. All we ask is that the result shows how much you care. Once you’ve finished, it’s our turn. We’ll get to work creating your chocolate box, making sure we put as much good luck into it as we can. We’ll then send it to you at home for you to give to your recipient. It’s that easy.

 If chocolates aren’t enough, we have a whole host of other customisable good luck products. Wishing someone luck isn’t always enough. Add an extra personal touch with our good luck chocolates, and package them in one of our custom good luck gift bags. They’re as fun to make as they are to eat, and that’s saying something.