personalised anniversary chocolates

9 Chocolate Box

16 Chocolate Box

25 Chocolate Box

If you’ve managed to remember your anniversary, well done, you’ve passed test one. Now it’s time to get an anniversary gift that you know they’re going to love. Harder than it sounds, right? Not with our personalised anniversary chocolates - it’s really easy to customise a box of our delicious chocolates to celebrate your anniversary. Chocolate is always a winner, but you’ll get extra brownie points for adding the personal touch.

You can choose from our different designs and then pick a size - a 9 chocolate, 16 chocolate or 25 chocolate box. Our research has shown that chocolate is directly relative to happiness, so just keep that in mind!

Once you’ve chosen the size of chocolate box you want to send, simply select a design and then head over to our product editor. It’s really straightforward to use. You can choose how many photos you want on the box, and of course, exactly what they are. If it’s for your own spouse, you can dust off those old photo albums and find some of your favourite moments from your time together. Celebrating a friendiversary? Why not choose some holiday pictures from a trip you took with them? Once you’re happy with your creation, we’ll send it over to you at home, or if you’d prefer, direct to your loved one.

Celebrate your anniversary the right way, with a delicious box of chocolates. You’ll also find other customisable anniversary products on our website from gift bags to bottle boxes.