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Upright Bottle Box

Starting a new job is understandably nerve-wracking, but there’s lots to be excited about, too! It’s a mixed bag of emotions, so what do you get someone who is nervous and excited at the same time? A bottle, of course! A good bottle never goes amiss and with our new job bottle boxes you can gift your new starter with an extra personal touch.

It’s really easy to do. Simply choose from our selection of new job bottle boxes - you’ll find all the options for size and layout on this page. Then you can choose how many photos to go on it and add a personalised message (this is also a fun excuse to get out the old photo albums and take a trip down memory lane). Once you’re happy with your creation, we’ll pop it in the post and then all you need to do is pick a bottle to pack in it, and away you go.

If you know someone starting a new job, a personalised new job bottle box is the perfect way to show your support. A good bottle will turn those nerves into excitement and it’s as good a reason to celebrate as any. Cheers!