Personalised new year
bottle boxes

Lay-down Bottle Box

Upright Bottle Box

New Year’s Eve means it’s time to celebrate! Bring on the parties, friends and family, as you get ready to welcome in the New Year.

So, make sure you’re not going to your party empty-handed, and put your drink of choice into one of our personalised New Year bottle boxes.

The box (and its contents) will surely be a hit with the host and other guests alike. What better way to remind everyone of the memories you’ve made over the last year than with a photo bottle box personalised by you?

Feel free to include the most fun, or perhaps the most embarrassing times you’ve had for one big laugh before you step into the next year and create new ones. All of our personalised New Year bottle boxes come with the choice of either an upright or a laydown design. 

Our boxes also come with 2 to 3 free text areas available for you to customise. Feel free to add a quick personalised message, or a joke to put a smile on their faces.