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To many a birthday is a day of reflection and celebration. You think about what you’ve done in the last year. You may even set some goals to achieve by your next one. For the majority of us though, it’s one of the few days a year on which we don’t have to feel guilty for eating and drinking whatever we like, and with our personalised birthday chocolates, you can help someone special indulge themselves as they should!

If a loved one has a birthday coming up, get them a gift you know they’re going to enjoy. Chocolate never fails to make someone happy, but you shouldn’t just nip down to the shop and pick up any old box of chocs – send your loved one some personalised birthday chocolates, instead. You get to have some fun making the gift and they’ll have even more fun eating it!

Ready to create your personalised chocolate box?

Choose your preferred size and design and then head over to our product editor. From there, you can add photos as well as a personalised message. Once you’ve finished designing your custom chocolate box we’ll get it made up, and send it over to you to gift yourself, or deliver it direct to your loved one, instead.

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