personalised retirement chocolates

9 Chocolate Box

16 Chocolate Box

25 Chocolate Box

Retirement is what we call the phase of our lives where we renounce all of our professional duties and fill our days with more important things – like eating chocolate. If you know someone that’s retiring soon, get them off to the right start with a box of our personalised retirement chocolates.

Choose from three different sizes - 9, 16 and 25 chocolates. Select your favourite design and you’re ready to start customising your retirement chocolates.

Our product editor is really easy to use and better yet, really fun. Choose how many photos you want to go on the box, as well as the photos themselves. This is where you get to be creative and play around with different pictures. You can be sweet and pick some sentimental photos, or you can make them blush with some embarrassing photos they thought had been forgotten. Have fun with it – all we ask is that you make them smile. After all, when they’ve been working for years, they deserve to put their feet up and have a laugh. Once you’re finished, we’ll get your chocolate box sent over to you at home, or direct to your loved one. All you have to do is hand them over to your retiree and watch their eyes light up.

We may spend our days waiting for our own retirement but in the meantime, help someone else celebrate theirs with our personalised retirement chocolate boxes. They definitely deserve it!

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