Personalised birthday cards

We love birthdays at Vanilla Reindeer. We think everyone deserves one day a year that’s all about them. We’re also firm believers in saying “happy birthday” with cards. In a world of emails and texting, these occasions can lose their shine if our noses are buried in our phones. A card shows the recipient what they mean to you and that you’ve gone the extra mile, and we think our personalised photo birthday cards say even more.

On this page, you can make your own birthday card. Sift through the different designs and once you’ve picked one, upload a photo, and we’ll do the rest.

There’s a lot of fun to be had designing your own birthday card (it’s a great excuse to look through old photos!) Once you’ve paired your birthday card with a photo, you can add a customised message. We can send it to you at home if you’re hand-delivering it or we can deliver it directly to the birthday boy or girl.

So, we say put down your phones and pick up a custom birthday card. Find a photo of a treasured memory or one that will simply make them smile, and you can make their day. These mementos and snapshots of our lives are there to be recalled and enjoyed, and what better time to do that than a birthday? And in what better way than with a personalised photo birthday card?